The Poetry of Brian Langley  -  "The City Poet"

Creatures of Oz

Should you travel to down under
There you’ll find a land of wonder
Lots of things there to be seen
But huge big spaces in between

From tropic climes to snow capped peaks
To see it all takes many weeks
But of its many unique features
The most amazing are its creatures

Three types of mammals, one lays eggs
One has a pouch between its legs
The third’s the norm, like cats and dogs
And humans, cows, and sheep and hogs

There’s near eight hundred different birds
To tell of them takes many words
So in this verse, there’s just a few
Different ‘cos of what they do

This beginning, along with 18 more verses can be read in "Sun, Sand and Saltwater"

© Brian Langley March 2005


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