The Poetry of Brian Langley,  "The City Poet"



Now crabs are funny kind of folk.
They're sort of flat, with eyes that poke
Out on sticks.
They get up to some clever tricks.


Like walking sideways when they're chased.
Or digging holes till they're encased
In sand.
Whenever they're on land.


Some breathe water, some breathe air.
And others really do not care.
It's known.
They're from the inter-tidal zone.


They've lots of legs and two big nippers.
Some can swim, 'cos they've got flippers
'Stead of feet.
Some of those are nice to eat.


Cooked until they're red and sweet.
Lots of shell and not much meat.
Of course
They're tastier when had with sauce.


B.Langley. Feb 9th 2002

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