The Poetry of Brian Langley  


Clean Up Australia



Iím finding rubbish here and there;

Iím finding rubbish everywhere.

Cans that once held Coke or beer,

I find them every day each year;

tossed from cars, no further use;

their contents now bereft of juice;

and bits of clothes, no longer worn,

I see them there upon my lawn

When I get up ó I also find,

assorted rubbish, every kind

of junk that is no use to man,

bits of glass, a broken fan,

a hubcap thatís come off a car,

a compact disk, an empty jar,

a shopping trolley, all forlorn,

its basket broke, its wheels gorn.

Itís there for months - perhaps just days,

the rubbish of our modern ways.

And then itís gone, itís whisked away,

when comes ďClean Up Australia DayĒ


©   Brian Langley   22  Feb 2008

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