The Poetry of Brian Langley




Now Autumn is the time for picking apples

That have grown on the trees all summer long

And Autumn is the time for April showers

And when Easter time and ANZAC come along


In Autumn, many leaves turn brown and wither

And fall upon the footpaths of our town

Making them all slipp-ery to walk on

So be very careful that you donít fall down


And Autumn is the time for chilly mornings

And getting colds that make us cough and sneeze

Its also when our government quite often

Increases many charges, tax and fees


Now Iím not keen on apples, I love strawberries

And rain makes fallen leaves all Ďickí with slime

And I donít need additional expenses

Oh! - If only I could bring back summer time


© Brian Langley   Mar 7, 2008


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