The Poetry of Brian Langley



The D.I.Yer


The DIYer

The Wife's Response

I'm a D.I.Yer,

thereís nothing I canít fix.

Iíve got tools for every job,

I know the expertís tricks;


Brick laying, painting, plumbing;

Each one of themís a breeze.

Panel beating, plastering,

I do them all with ease.


I fix up my computers,

Iíve even dug a bore.

I put new glass in windows

and hinges on a door.


Iíve stopped the taps from dripping,

Iíve pruned the apple tree.

Replaced a differential,

whatever that might be.




©  Brian Langley     Feb 21  2006


ďYou say youíre great at DIY,

Of that Iím not too sure.

Since you installed new hinges

I canít unlock the door.


You stopped the taps from dripping,

Since then they all go thump.

You pruned the apple tree for sure

And now itís just a stump.


Since you fixed my computer,

My sewing softwareís dead,

Now when I click my icons

I get porno sites instead.




©  Brian Langley  May 1 2006



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