The Poetry of Brian Langley

This poem was written on the occasion of my 40th Wedding Anniversary.
It sort of drove itself and eventually seemed to come out as advise on how to sustain a successful relationship

I have "de-personalised" it to some extent so that it can form the basis of other anniversaries and families

Forty Years


Was forty years ago today
When in the church I stood
And said "I do" when asked if I
Forsaking others would

Take you, my dear to be my wife
In sickness and in health
Forever, till the end of time
In poverty or wealth

Then she was asked the question
Like me, she said, "I do"
Then it was time to kiss the bride
That was the part we knew

Then sign the book and we were wed
Her name, she'd signed away
We'd started on our voyage
That's got us here today

There's some who said it wouldn't last
We were too young to wed
That it was just a brief romance
A year or two they said

A year or two, it's forty now
There's been some ups and downs
Times of wonder, laughs and smiles
And sometimes tears and frowns

For life deals up some problems
To see if we can cope
We'd strength to overcome them
And not to give up hope

We've watched our girls mature and grow
Have families of their own
It seems that they've inherited
The values that we've shown


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© Brian Langley June 2nd 2002

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