The Poetry of Brian Langley

The idea for this poem had lingered in my head
for several years from when I first saw,
and was moved by,
the epitaph on a plaque set into the rocks at Quobba,

I finally wrote it after re-visiting the area
several years later.

A thousand miles to catch a dream


Was in the southern winter months
the young man came to fish
the rugged shores near Quobba Point.
It had always been his wish

to cast a line into the sea.
To him, it didn't seem
a long long way to come from home,
To maybe catch a dream.

There's more big fish at Quobba
than anywhere, it's said.
A thousand miles is not too far.
When dreams are in your head.

A thousand miles to catch a dream,
while a thousand miles away
his family, they could picture him
fulfilling dreams that day.

He stood upon the jagged rocks
ten feet above the waves,
and heard them sigh as each one passed
into the limestone caves

that nature, in ten thousand years
had worn beneath his feet.
The young man gazed into the sea,
his dreams not yet complete.


14 further verses

Full poem in my booklet  “Sun Sand and Saltwater”

© Brian Langley 18th May 2000

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